Vice President, Retail & Industrial




     IDEAL has built a culture over the last 100-plus years that allows our people to think to the future and innovate business to meet the needs of tomorrow. That progressiveness is what makes IDEAL the market leader.

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Kevin has over 30 years of extensive experience in the retail and industrial distribution channels where he has held a variety of positions in sales, sales management and marketing management. He also gained valuable experience in business development and category management during his 10-year career at ITW and 15 years at Chase Product Company. After joining IDEAL in 2014, Kevin has led several efforts including expanding the retail business and driving growth of the e-commerce business. Kevin holds a B.S in Marketing from University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse.

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Kevin在零售和工业分销渠道方面拥有超过30年的丰富经验,他在销售、销售管理和市场营销管理方面担任过各种职位。他还在ITW的10年职业生涯和Chase Product Company的15年职业生涯中获得了业务发展和品类管理方面的宝贵经验。自2014年加入IDEAL公司以来,Kevin领导了多项工作,包括拓展零售业务和推动电子商务业务的增长。他拥有威斯康星大学长曲棍球分校的市场营销学士学位。

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